Advice for entering the child-care work


I’m a 17 male who got a job for this summer as a day-camp counselor for kids (5-11). I will also be working at the YMCA day care during the fall. I have some experience with kids before as I’ve been a CIT all of last summer.

I feel that day camp is a different beast, it is different than being a CIT. I am now completely responsible for the safety of the kids around me, and I feel ready to take the responsibility but I’m also worried that I’ll screw up. Kids like me in general, but I’m worried i’ll look away and something bad will happen.

I also have noticed as a CIT and helped run the day camp that parents were less trusting of me than the females working their. One time I had to walk a camper across the camp and a mother yelled at me for being alone with her son. I know there is a stigma against males in child-care work but i’m afraid that parents won’t trust me to be around their kids. Is there anything I can do to instill trust?


Hey, still no answer for that please ?



I will try to answer. Regarding trust, as you may have guessed, it is ogtained by the long run. Moreover, The fact that you are young runs against you too. To instill trust, first of all you may communicate as much as possible with the parents : if possible, a meeting at the beginning, where you can expose your past experiences and [can’t think of the appropriate term] your ways of working. Every day, when the parents drop or come for their kid, have a few words with them : what their kid, what goes well, the progress he made, etc. It will show that you care for him.

Regarding being alone with a kid as a man : just don’t, as much as you can. Either be with another adult, or with others kids. And as much as possible within view of others.